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We are a supplement to, not substitute for,  the Notes From the Borderland magazine main site, which has lots of (free) content on it: check out www.borderland.co.uk


UPDATE AS OF 22/6/12: our main site was again hacked, but is now back on-line and will shortly be renovated.  If it does get hacked again, this would be the only NFB site.  For reference our article that triggered the latest cyber-attack is on-line at: https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2012/06/497109.html 


We see all this as testament to how much some featured in NFB issue 10 fear the truth.  Read it and find out why they are so desperate to censor us.


At the moment, this site you are looking at fulfils two functions


1) Hosting the on-line shop, pending the other one being restored.  To order, scroll down to the item you want, and click to buy depending on your location


2) Hosting multi-media facets of NFB such as interviews either not currently on-line elsewhere, or else scattered.

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(1) General comments


We know how unfashionable the printed word is said to be nowadays, especially in faux radical circles.  We disagree: while regarding our web presence as essential, the printed magazine is our prime means of communication, and we intend it to remain so.  An argument we will develop and sustain elsewhere.


Meanwhile, we have to contend with global forces that do not help our project, in particular onerous postal charges.  Surreptitiously, the UK Con-Dem government has abolished the printed paper rate for overseas.  Posting the latest NFB to Europe is a minimum £3.62, to the USA minimum £5.54.  Lacking powerful backers or hidden funding, we have to include those costs when selling the magazine.  On a positive note, we think, and hopefully you will, the magazine (especially at 86 pages) is worth it.  Fairly soon, we will be introducing the opportunity to buy PDFs here at a lesser cost, but of course you would still have many pages to print out.


We are not a free publication for two reasons:

First, our commitment to a hard copy magazine.  When printing and postage are free, our price will reflect that

Second, research as good as ours takes time, money, and lots of materials.  Well appreciated by our enemies: which we would like to convey to ever more friends.


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